About Us

Aussie Management Group Pty Ltd trade/ us Aussie Property Advisory being in business since 1994. Being a mortgage manager and broker for more than 18 years, working on several projects for property development, renovation and building an extension, gives us an opportunity to understand real estate market inside and out.

For the time being, we have valued thousands of properties for our clients.

In the same neighborhood, some properties grow up quicker than another. As the result of it, some customers can purchase more properties than other. 

Working with client’s properties for a long time and being a property investor, Nick Bourov started to realise: that is the best time to make money when you are buying property, not when you selling the property.

If you sold any property before, you might remember, when your real estate agent was talking to you about the Real estate market, interest rate, etc.

The real Estate Agent tried to be polite, and not telling you, that you may buy a worth property in the neighborhood.  Then you may struggle to get the price you won’t. Your bank was failing to lend money based on the purchased price.

We can help you to grow up together!